adventures of a pinhole camera

After being introduced to the simplicity in creating a pin hole camera out of a margarine tub, I built my self a 35mm pin hole camera from a cereal box. I hope you enjoy these abstract images I created using it.

35mm images, edited using Photoshop.




the power of music

Music has the ability to take you on a journey through space and time, to take you to the farthest depths of your memories, to make your emotions sing.

Last week after beginning to feel the pressure of a deadline for uni, I was fretting at my computer. Questioning what to do, where to take my work, and why did meeting my tutor make me feel even worse…

When I got home I opened up Spotify, clicked shuffle, and this song came on

I could not believe the transformative power I felt. If you are ever feeling down, press play :))

Love Annie x


Last weekend I went on a day trip to Brighton, I had not realised how much I would miss the seaside over the last two months of being in London. Oh and the sunset, watching the sun drop over the horizon not just dropping behind buildings was a truly beautiful sight. I could honestly sing Brighton’s praises all day long, the city was filled with life and energy. There are incredible vintage shops and charity shops everywhere one turns, one shop that I have to go back and visit; a huge emporium full to bursting with antiques, nik naks and pretty much anything one could need if one had the time for looking. There are vegan bakery’s everywhere and health food shops selling smoked tofu, I need to find these places in Kingston. If you ever find yourself in Brighton stop off at Infinity Foods, they have a special bakery section at the back and they sell out-of-this-galaxy vegan pizza mmmmm my taste buds are tingling. Get there b4 11am to not be disappointed.

I am desperate to visit Brighton again, current plan is to move there when I graduate but I’m sure that will change 1 million times before I get there. Below are 4 of my photos I captured, all are shot on 35mm. I am currently working on a project that will focus on raising the issues of global warming, species extinction, mass farming through the photograph. I am feeling INCREDIBLY inspired by Glacier Girl atm. She is a one-girl-band activist fighting against climate change but creating work to represent these issues visually to the i-Generation.