Welcome all, to a fashion post, there are not many of those around these parts but I am so so so excited by this collection I HAD TO TALK ABOUT IT.

Be ready…….Get ready……Save those £££££ for this drop: November 3rd 2016


KENZO is a Paris-based luxury brand who have collaborated with H&M to create a kaleidoscopic landscape of beautiful clothes for our eyes, minds and bodies. This collection honours Kenzo Takada, the Japansese design visonary who founded the label in 1970.


The collection will be available worldwide, online and in 250 H&M stores on November 3rd. Get your purses at the ready kiddywinks! This is HAAAAWT.

what dreams r made of £139.99
holy schmoly £49.99
i just died and went to print heaven £59.99
************* £29.99
-> -> -> £199.99 <- <- <- 
this is what true love feels like £59.99
scully £59.99

Annie x



A few months ago my darling friend Ellie asked me to shoot a look book and video for the blog she was starting and I am so excited to finally share the video with you as the blog is now LIVE!! This girl is so beautiful, lovely and talented and I am so excited to be able to work with her on these projects.

Love 2 U






Chanel X i-D

A few weeks ago Abby & I visited a collaborative installation in Peckham by Chanel X i-D. It was an interactive mirror maze that felt like we were walking through alley ways made of diamonds. The way the mirror was cut and how it refracted the light was beautifully elegant. Only open for 5 days this was definitely worth the 2 hour long queue. (and a free tote bag at the end)!

All images Ilford XP2 35mm, shot on Chinon CE-5


These were taken by Abby 🙂 🙂

keeping a journal + some current obsessions

Apologies for not being about on the blog so much recently. As you may know I recently moved up to Kingston Upon Thames to begin studying for a degree in Photography. I’ve been here three weeks now and finally getting into the swing of things: work time vs playtime.

A few days ago I had a revolutionary idea that I felt inclined to write about on here. I was speaking to a friend who jokingly asked me to read out a sentence from my journal. I used to keep journals all the time as a child but I gave up with it by the time I reached 15, however when I was travelling I kept a journal again and really enjoyed its cathartic abilities so I have carried on writing in it since I returned home. After being asked to read a sentence I hesitantly picked up the journal and flicked through, and through, and through to only find comments of sadness, loneliness and negativity. All of which made me even sadder to remember and to read back on. I thought to my self, wait that’s not why I decided to keep a journal, I decided to keep a journal to record the happiest most precious and inspiring moments of my day but instead all I have done is written down the shit ones.

Interestingly this change coincided with the completion of one journal and the start of a new book if you will. It sort of symbolises the changes I am making within my self to be positive the self, about the moment and live in the now.

I don’t write in my journal everyday, there is not always something to talk about everyday. Time is also a great factor since starting uni I have home work again, I have to go food shopping and we have chores to make sure our flat does not fall into squalor. When I do write in my journal I make it count, I write down a note about something I learnt that day and I always write an empowering and positive message to begin my day with.

drink more water today. you are strong do not get drawn in, negativity is not worth your mental energy.

I cannot convey how useful it is keeping a journal, and a journal can take many forms such as a scrap book, and online diary / blog, a book illustrating your day (i may try this for a week that could be great fun). Journal’s help me remember things, they help me revisit memories of time’s I miss and they help me look forward to the new memories and experiences that will fill their pages.

I hope this post inspires some of you to start a journal or similar, it is challenging at first to remember that I am now keeping a journal but go for it, it may just be your cup of tea.

As I haven’t been on here for so long, I wanted to share a few of my current FAVS.

The best Youtube account I have recently subscribed to, this channel has opened my mind to exploring consciousness and realities even further. There are so many resources on here if you are interested in learning about consciousness and philosophy.



This incredible WOWEEEE coat from Zara.

 Beautiful floral patterned satin dress from ASOS

Screen Shot 2016-10-10 at 08.41.30.png
My new favourite IG user @myfridayfilms
Check out this clothing shop for thrifty prices and beautiful glittery garms!

Screen Shot 2016-10-10 at 09.00.15.png

If you go to one exhibition this year pleaseeee let it be this one. It is the best exhibition I have ever visited, the wealth of artefacts and information is mind blowing. If you have a student card it is only £12 – this one is worth the pennies.



Last week we travelled to Barcelona for my mum’s 50th birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUMMA KING! I was absolutely blown away by the beauty and elegance of this city, there is so much heritage, and above all the works of Gaudi reside here and they are magnificent. If Antoni Gaudi was alive now I would totally fall in love with him.

As soon as I saw Gaudi’s work I knew it had to be photographed in black and white, and thus I have completed my first series of black and white images. Incredibly, I am proud of them, I always tend to stick with colour – lots of colour – but this time I wanted to try something new. I also purchased a roll of XP2 but haven’t actually finished shooting it yet so as I say a lot on here: watch dis space…..


Congratulations, you made it to the end : ) here’s a special treat for those of you who got here!


Have a fucking good weekend, I’m moving to London wowowow!



the perfect long exposure

This is quite possibly the best photograph I have ever taken. I am one proud mumma.

DSC_0027 copy.jpg

Here are some tips on how to take your own:

  1. Get your hands on a DSLR
  2. Get your hands on some neutral density filters…try these
  3. Wait for a cloudy day (the cloudier the better) – your camera is so sensitive to light, so it needs to be as dark as possible to achieve this silky water texture
  4. Set the DSLR to the highest aperture, the lowest ISO and a shutter speed of around 6″/8″/10″ to begin
  5. Pop the camera on a tripod
  6. Get snapping

Great things to photograph include – fast moving clouds and fast moving water. For slow moving objects you need higher quality filters which cost loads of $$$.

You’ll find you’ll have to play around with which filters to use and try more than one, change the shutter speed around too. You’ll probably find the aperture and ISO don’t need changing. When you get home pop the images into Photoshop and play around with the curves and levels, add contrast and saturation or alternatively put the image into B+W; there are SO MANY options. To get this lovely ethereal pink colour, I used colour channels and hue/saturation in photoshop. For this image my camera set up was a Nikon D5300 with kit lens, 2 neutral density filters from the set linked above, ISO 100, f/22, 15″.

Watch this space for my new project “Nyumph”


feeling blessed

DSC_0168 (1)black n white

I met the most beautiful creature this evening at Grimspound on Dartmoor. There she sat in the middle of the bronze age settlement completely unnerved by the commotion around. I was able to get so close to take some wonderful images. I feel truly blessed that I was able to photograph this incredible sentient being.

Hope you all had a wonderful long weekend!