the perfect long exposure

This is quite possibly the best photograph I have ever taken. I am one proud mumma.

DSC_0027 copy.jpg

Here are some tips on how to take your own:

  1. Get your hands on a DSLR
  2. Get your hands on some neutral density filters…try these
  3. Wait for a cloudy day (the cloudier the better) – your camera is so sensitive to light, so it needs to be as dark as possible to achieve this silky water texture
  4. Set the DSLR to the highest aperture, the lowest ISO and a shutter speed of around 6″/8″/10″ to begin
  5. Pop the camera on a tripod
  6. Get snapping

Great things to photograph include – fast moving clouds and fast moving water. For slow moving objects you need higher quality filters which cost loads of $$$.

You’ll find you’ll have to play around with which filters to use and try more than one, change the shutter speed around too. You’ll probably find the aperture and ISO don’t need changing. When you get home pop the images into Photoshop and play around with the curves and levels, add contrast and saturation or alternatively put the image into B+W; there are SO MANY options. To get this lovely ethereal pink colour, I used colour channels and hue/saturation in photoshop. For this image my camera set up was a Nikon D5300 with kit lens, 2 neutral density filters from the set linked above, ISO 100, f/22, 15″.

Watch this space for my new project “Nyumph”



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