why I am transitioning to vegan

***DISCLAIMER**** do not read this if you don’t wanna know where your food comes from, or be told that your food has feelings. Best press the red cross sometime about NOW haha.

I have been eating a vegetarian diet for years, as a kid it began with the fact I didn’t like the taste of meat and would always rather eat the veggies. As I got older I became more aware, and began to understand the cruelty and suffering imposed on these beings in the effort to bring cheap mass-produced meat to a dining room table. In terms of the conditions animals are kept in and the way they are looked after, you have to educate yourself. The education system and the majority of society are not interested in teaching or talking about animals in these situation “if I can’t see it, it doesn’t exist”.

As I got older still I started wondering about consciousness, and I educated my self about consciousness and developed my own beliefs. All beings on this planet have the ability to think, they interact with their environment the same way the humans species does – they feel pain the same way humans do. This is when I began questioning does that animal that’s being taken to slaughter know it is going to die? And if it does, how does it feel about it? And if it does, imagine being in that position. For me, imagining this was too painful, there will be a point in time a being dies of natural causes and that is when it should pass through to the next adventure not before. I could not hold my self responsible for supporting this industry in any way. In terms of my own consciousness I am striving to be the best me I can be and the happiest me I can be. I cannot be happy and content knowing an innocent creature who never wanted to die anyway are being mercilessly tortured and abused to bring the human waste food.

It is super easy to fall into the unhealthy vegan trap, but it is also super easy to become a healthy vegan – it just needs a little bit of self-education. Since I stopped drinking cows milk and consuming eggs, my body feels so much more alive. My skin is clearer than it’s ever been, I have more energy than I have ever had. And it is making me SOOO HAPPY!

Understanding where meat comes from and the truths behind it is knowledge lacked by today’s society. If slaughter houses has windows we would all be vegetarians. Years ago you couldn’t buy meat in a packet in a shop with a pretty label, you would have owned a cow or a pig or a goat, and you would have had to kill it. Nowadays the idea of meat coming from an animal is so radically avoided by the packaging and the shape of the product inside that children become misinformed. A great documentary to consider watching – I’ve mentioned this one before on here check out the post about it – is Earthlings. You need to watch the whole thing, it’s a tough one but it will open your mind and give you the opportunity to view slaughterhouses / puppy farms / factory farming through an open window. I really believe before you decide whether to eat meat or not you need to see clearly how your food is brought to your plate.

In the last ten years Veganism has risen by 350% and 42% all vegans are between 15 and 34. This says a lot about our generation. Our generation is THE most informed generation there has ever been thanks to the wealth of technology at our fingertips. We are the generation who can take responsibility for what is going on and make a change.


I am still making all the changes in my life needed to be truly vegan. I have stopped buying products that are tested on animals however a few of the products were very expensive and since coming back from travelling I’m not the wealthiest I am going to use all of these up before buying more. Large bottles of shampoo and moisturisers I gave away to my mum and sister. Whilst still living at home it is hard to be totally vegan but I am making all of the changes I can now – this is something I want for my self to become the ME I want to be. Like knowing exactly what in the cupboard isn’t vegan and what is.

This list by PETA is a god send!

Perhaps next time you sit down to eat a steak or some chicken, take a few moments to really think about how the food came to your plate.

Peas and luv


eat green slogans with sharpen filter

I created this art work for you! Enjoyyy. If you want to purchase a print of this LIMITED EDITION piece head to my depop @_annieking or click the ‘Shop my Artwork’ link.


101 Reasons to go Vegan
Best Speech You Will Ever Hear – Gary Yourofsky

The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle



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