Good evening, good evening, good evening. So I found out how to make marbled paintings with acrylic paint – super duper easy but involves a lot of watery paint. I managed to spill it on my bed straight through to the mattress wooops.

In an attempt to stop me destroying the house Mumma King gave me the shed to turn into my own lil studio :))) I wish I’d taken a before and after haha.

2016-07-05 01.08.14 1.jpg2016-07-05 01.08.22 1.jpg

Welcome 2 my space. It is small but this is where the magic happens! I’ve recently set up a DEPOP account too where the artwork I produce this summer and the masses of it I have stored to sell and it is cheaaaap. Please feel free to have a look, also selling clothes, handmade jewellery etc etc.


2016-07-07 01.15.08 1.jpg

Here’s what 2 do! Put some newspaper down on a surface that can get painty. Although watered down acrylic does clean up well yay. Mix up yourself the colour palette you want using ordinary acrylic, then mix with water to reach the texture of cream. But play around with this, try different ratios to really vary the effect! If you want to achieve a cosmic image this is a beautiful way to do it. You could even use wax to deter the paint from reaching some parts of the image ahhhh so much playing around to be done.

The above painting is for sale £6 at my DEPOP @_annieking (FREE UK SHIPPING on all items)




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