Are we becoming overly dependent on technology?

The short answer is yes, people are becoming overly dependent on technology, and you can see it everywhere. Walking down the street , people aren’t observing the world around them, they have their eyes glued to the tiny screen in their hand, filling their minds with so and so’s new nails or the newest celebrity coupling. And I do it too. Any place or time that we feel we have nothing to do, I.e waiting at a bus stop or waiting at the dentist we all pull out our phones.

The saddest part of this behaviour for me is when I’m with my friends and you’re halfway through a sentence and suddenly their phone buzzes and always the person on the other end is WAY more important. Again, I am guilty of this too. Equally disheartening is walking into a restaurant and every person at the table is staring into the pixel constructed abyss – each and every one forgetting in those moments how to communicate. I noticed this most serverly whilst visiting South East Asia and it has instigated a new hatred of mobile phones for the time being, hence inspiring this post. When walking into a restaurant in Asia there is no hullabaloo of people softly talking, sharing jokes or learning from one another; there is cold hard silence and shitty music playing in the background. Then you realise everyone is staring at a phone at a screen totally forgetting how to communicate.

Please don’t get me wrong, these technologies are epic inventions. We are the most informed generation that has ever lived, we have the knowledge of the worlds libraries at our fingertips. What is causing my greatest hatred is the level of usage these technologies, and the usage of socia media, how many times you will flick through the same posts on Facebook before they become boring; probably way too many. It’s something I am trying to get better at, not to have my phone on me 24/7, be able to go a day without using my phone or without watching TV. I think many of us could benefit from this. Go spend a day with nature instead…and don’t forget how to communicate, never make anyone feel second best to a piece of technology. Else you’re going to end up like this….

technology post


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