Eating Vegan/Vegetarian in Asia

Surprisingly finding Vegetarian & Vegan food was super easy. There were only a few times I had to eat veg fried rice for three days in a row.

In India, Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand we managed to find many places to eat that were purely vegetarian and vegan. I want t share with you some of my favourite foods – definitely consider trying these or having a go yourself sooo worth it!

  1. Palak Paneer (India)
    Paneer is an amazing alternative to meat, although not a huge lover of fake meats as even they creeeeeep me out – this is amazing. It’s cheese based which is perhaps why I love it so much. This curry is made from spinach and the paneer cheese oozes with flavour mmm. Its making my tastes buds tingle. Goes really well with plain rice and a roti.
  2. Gulab Jamun (India)
    I first came across this when I ordered a Thali – which is another incredible dish usually unlimited too! A Gulab Jamun is the most sickly sweet, beautiful, melt in your mouth desert with a gooey filling. It’s like a donut who got sexy.
  3. Coconut soup with veg and tofu (Thailand)
    I love coconut, the smell – suncream and summer, the texture, the taste and the shell will even function as a bra. What more could you want from a fruit? This dish is something beautiful and pure white – the angel of all soups.
  4. Malai Kofta (India)
    The way this dish was presented was as impressive as the dish tasted – unfortuately no picture though. Potato and paneer balls are deep fried then coated in a layer of malai and placed into a tomato and onion gravy. In my dish the potato was built up into a mountain shape and sat inside the grav like a mountain protruding out of the sea mmm. Super easy to make and if you dodge the paneer its vegan too!
  5. Black Sesame Seed Ice cream (Thailand)
    UHUH. This stuff was good. I’m not a huge fan of ice cream – the dairy content kinda grosses me out, amazingly I found this one in a vegan cafe, totally dairy free yaaay. And OMG it was incredible, jet black in apperance and oh just heavenly. 100% making this asap.
  6. Taro Rice Dumpling in Coconut Milk (Thailand)
    Now in truth this dish should have gone at the top of the list. It is honestly beyond this earth – it must have been gifted to us from another realm. I cannot convey how much I want to eat this forever. Taro rice dumpling is a variation of dim-sum, it is like a light feathery pillow mmm. This was served in hot coconut milk – i thought rice pudding was good but this shit blows that outta the water.
  7. Lassi’s (India)
    All Indian’s swer by Lassi’s, you have a hangover – drink a lassi. Ate a curry that’s too hot – drink a lassi. Feeling ill – drink a lassi. They are a yoghurt and milk based drink that comes in two basic varieties of sweet and salty. i stuck to the sweet ones but the miture is so versatile you can add anything to them: banana and mango were my favs. Depending on where you go ou can probably find your self a Bhang lassi too yehawww.
  8. Chai Tea
    Now I’d drunk chai tea before, well I thought I had haha. The Chai I was served throughout Asia was way beyond the Tesco finest Chai teabags we have at home. Chai is really popular in this part of the world and has many many health benefits. In addition it is naturally low in caffeine so wont wreak havoc with your zzzzz’s.
    Every restaurant, street cart and cafe sells fresh juices and smoothies. Ahh I don’t think I can live without them. The best were mango; avocado and banana; peanut butter, coconut and banana. Mmmmm. Super tasty – so tasty that I’ve had to buy myself a blender yaaaay.

Watch this space for my favourite veggie and vegan restaurants I found on my travels!



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