Manali is life

10 days ago we escaped to the mountains for some fresh cool air.  This time of year anywhere south of Delhi is about 45 degrees centigrade!  Ewww too hot to do anything.

We travelled by semi sleeper bus for 14 hours from Delhi to Manali for 1600 rupees. I’ve found sleeper buses are way more comfortable,  with the semi sleeper I feel like I need to hold on so I won’t slide down the bus everyone the breaks go on… however the sunrise on this particular morning was mind melting.  It’s still in such a sleepy daze so the photo is a lil blurry but ahh beautiful.

Manali is a bustling town nestled in the Himalayas.  Its a calm and rejuvenating place with live music most evenings.  The people are super lovely and the food is even lovelier. There are tons of restaurants serving Veg Sushi too eeek. This is me about to gulp down the best Veg Sushi u have EVER tasted at Fuji Cafe in Vashist!

When in Manali 100% hire a bike for a few days,  there are so many places to be explore such as Rotang La,  Vashist,  Solang Nulla and Jogini waterfall. We spent a day in Vashist where there are hot springs,  people from alllll over come and bathe here.  The hot water, rich in minerals like sulphur is said to have healing properties and can cure anything from bronchitis to arthritis. In the end we didn’t go in the spring as males and females cannot bathe together and we wanted to experience it together. Instead we hiked to Jogini Waterfall about a 40min walk from Vashist. The waterfall is a popular spot,  it is such a serene area that it is often used for meditation and there is the jogini devi temple at the bottom of the waterfall.


Great places to check out
* People Art Cafe – great vibe and THE best sushi in Old Manali
* Kathmandu Cafe (check out mine and sophie’s art work here!)
* Drifters Inn – for the best food in Manali
* Hangout – 241 on cocktails on a wednesday yeshhhh! And quite good sushi.

What to do in Old Manali…. Besides chill the fuck out:)))
* Walk through the woods down to New Manali
* Visit the Hadimba Devi Temple hidden in the trees
* Yoga Classes – We paid 150 rupees for a meditation and yoga class so relaxing.
* Outdoor activity centres are everywhere,  you can sign up for so many things including rock climbing,  trekking and paragliding.

We had a go at paragliding; here are some birds eye pics. Makes me want to invest in a done badly! I shot some insane footage too but can’t show y’all until I get home… watch this space.


Flying to Cambodia on Thursday so keep an eye out for Cambodia fun in the sun (and rain the monsoon is on the way)  on my instagram @_annieking



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