Oh Pushkar you will forever hold a place in my heart!

Pushkar is a beautiful city built around a holy lake and has one of the only Brahma temples in the world. The lake is said to have appeared when Brahma dropped a lotus flower. Before leaving take a clockwise walk around the lake and time it to watch the sun set from Sunset Cafe. The town resonates with the almost uninterrupted sound of pujas (prayers) echoing from the mass of temples. Being a Hindu pilgrimage spot and extremely close to the golden triangle – 2 hours from Jaipur by train – this town is full of tourists from all over, although bustling with energy it is one of the most calming places.

The pace of life in Pushkar is slow yet steady, so peaceful. The town is full or beautiful clothes, jewels and many a traveller producing clothes and jewellery from the wealth of trades in the town.

There are rooftop restaurants left right and centre. Our favourite was Sixth Sense, part of the Inn Seventh Heaven. From the top you can see the temples on the mountains and lights from all over the town.

Bharatpur Palace is a great place to stay over looking the lake. Meena has non a/c double rooms from 500 rupees per night!

Visit Pushkar it is magical :))))




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