ARC – Goa

Becca and I visited the Animal Rescue Center near Palolem Beach in Goa. Founded in 2005 by Janie O’Conner the centre has drastically improved the welfare for animals in the area.

The group of volunteers and workers at the ARC do an amazing job some of the things the centre does includes:
Emergency vetinary care
Bathing, de-ticking and de-worming
Animal Birth Control Programme
Feeding the animals during the monsoon as the tourist trade dwindles
Educating and raising awareness withing the local community ie how to care for animals and animal welfare

We got to help with the lunchtime feed, all the animals were fed a large portion of rice and chicken – a diet that decreases the chances of intolerance to food and IBS symptoms.

The ARC started running a programme called ABC (animal birth control prpgramme) every animal that goes to the centre will be neutered and receieve an antirabies vaccination. These animals can be identified as they have a triangle cut out of the top of their ear. Walking around Palolem and Patnem it is so easy to see the extent of work being carried out by the centre. So many dogs on the beaches have been through the ABC programme and then released back onto the beaches.

Many animals passing through the centre will also get adopted by local families, mostly these are puppies and the older dogs will be let back onto the beaches.

Although I have only spoken of dogs so far, the ARC also cares for cats. When we visited only 3 cats were currently at the centre but they also go through the ABC programme. The centre runs entirely on donations from tourists and the local community. This money is used to build kennels, vetinary rooms, wages of the workers and vets and food for the animals.

I think this centre is really doing something great, and if you are visiting tbe Palolem area pay a visit. Morning is the best time to go as there are more jobs to be completed. Send Janie a message on the ARC facebook page if you are interested.

Check out their website too if you want to find out more!




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