send me on my way

SO I’ve finally quit both of my jobs and will be getting on a plane to India on Sunday whaaaatttt. Can’t believe this is happening. I can barely contain my excitement ahhhh at work I will tell anyone who will listen that I have 3 shifts left or two shifts left eeekk.  I’ve wanted to go travelling for a long time but last year I ended up doing an apprenticeship and the year before I spent finishing my A-Levels you know life just kept getting in the way.


I ended up taking two years out before I go to University. When I was studying I was unsure what I wanted to do and applied because I thought it was the only option (I’m so so so so glad I changed my mind). I can’t convey how important I believe it is to take time away from education – especially at such a receptive age. There’s so much to learn and so much growing up to do, why miss out on that because you had to stay in and write essay no. 9 for that week… Being able to have a taster of adult life, the 9-5 daily grind, the horrific shift patterns has let me have time, time to see all the people I wanna see, time to draw, read and enjoy life because I’m not under any time constraints. Sure there’s work and you should probably get there on time and stuff, but after work it leaves your mind and you don’t give it a second thought until you go back the next day – you get SO much time to enjoy living. Because c’mon whatever you’re doing probably isn’t your dream job and it’s not what you will be doing forever so when it comes down to it you probably don’t care all that much to waste energy thinking about it.

Saying all this however, I am so excited to learn again – the first time I applied for uni I was dreading it (it didn’t hep my heart wasn’t in the course) I really didn’t want to go and if I had I knew I would have thrown it all in. But now I have so much positive energy I can throw towards this new challenge I can’t wait.

Back 2 travelling.

I’ve always been interested in travelling off the beaten path as it were, I like going to places less people have seen. Maybe that’s my photographic head talking – not sure. So many people ask me ‘oh why aren’t you going to Australia?’, yeh one day I’ll go for sure but right now I want to see a culture I have never seen before, experience places, people and events that are completely alien to what I already know. I can only begin to imagine the colours, the architecture and the people all things I want to photograph and learn from. I want this trip to be one of the biggest learning curves of my life.

Where am I going…..this is only a rough outline as I’m sure plans will change along the way. Going take each day as it comes. India —–> Cambodia —–> Laos —–> Vietnam —–> Thailand —–> Amsterdam —–> Maybe Home – only the lady with the crystal ball knows.



Follow me on Instagram: @_annieking to see what amazing things are gwarning on the other side of the world 🙂
Look out for my Indian Adventure Movie when I get back on my Youtube Channel.

If you are consider planning your own adventure (YAAAAAY) here are a few helpful online resources to check out.



General info n visas

And if something all inclusive is more your thing..

If you are unsure where to go 100% sign up to and stumble through the photography section you will find THE most beautiful places that will hopefully inspire you!

See you in 4 months eeeeek!



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