Recently I watched this documentary called Earthlings, it was truly eye opening and has made me so much more aware of my own beliefs and comfortable with them. The documentary tells us that all living creatures are equal – a belief I strongly share. And it exposes the suffering of animals in puppy farms or in the mass production of meat / milk / eggs. I believe that we should be able to eat dairy and eggs as producing those products does not harm the animals. However it all comes down to moderation – something humans have lost the ability to measure. The mass production of animal produce is sickening.

I have eaten a vegetarian diet for many years but after watching Earthlings I am more than ever considering going vegan. Whilst living with my parents it is harder to cut all of these things out of my diet as I have a lot less control over what goes into my food – that said I am trying my best! There are so many resources you can use to help make the transition. Check out this amazing PETA article of “accidentally vegan” food.

Here is the link to Earthlings. Please watch.
Cowspiracy – produced by Leonardo DiCaprio is also an enlightening watch and is available on Netflix.

Equality for all species.


“If slaughter houses had glass walls, we’d all be vegetarians.” Paul McCartney



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